The experience of 12 years between programming, finance, crypto currencies, and authentication systems. All enclosed in a single innovation. "Codego"

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Save months of developer and certification time with our EMV-certified Codego's card readers. They provide end-to-end encryption, natively support chip cards and contactless payments – including Apple Pay and Google Pay – and help protect you against liability for counterfeit fraud.

We invest research in the automation of services, to optimize checks on transaction monitoring, on suspicious transaction alerts to eliminate any type of illegal activity. Our system analyzes your customer profiles on a daily basis, updating the risk rating

What is core banking?

Core banking is a banking service provided by a group of networked bank branches where customers may access their bank account and perform basic transactions from any of the member branch offices. Core banking is often associated with retail banking and many banks treat the retail customers as their core banking customers. Businesses are usually managed via the corporate banking division of the institution. Core banking covers basic depositing and lending of money. Core banking functions will include transaction accounts, loans, mortgages and payments. Banks make these services available across multiple channels like automated teller machines, Internet banking, mobile banking and branches.[1] Banking software and network technology allows a bank to centralise its record keeping and allow access from any location.

Wikipedia Source

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