Core Banking Solution Turnkey

SEPA, SWIFT, Faster Payment, Debit Cards, Multi-Currency IBAN, Personal and Business Account,
Mobile APP Android / iOS.

All in one!


Multi-Currency EUR & GBP.


The best gateway for Your payments in EEA countries.

SEPA Instant

Real time payments in EEA countries.

Faster Payment

Support faster payment.


Worldwide payment in Multi-Currency.


Convert your money and send it in different currencies.

Codego Core Banking

developed with the possibility integration capabilities with third-party platforms and services. You will be able to complement your offer with a wide range of useful functions and services, that can satisfy all the needs of your customers Core Banking.

Development of solutions turnkey

We provide a full range of financial products and services, that are ready to use immediately, allowing you to integrate into any business model in short time.

Customizable and multi-platform

Codego's solution with advanced features for corporate and private clients, developed with the possibility of individual settings and for usage on platforms Web / Android / iOS.

Technical support

Our qualified specialists provide specialized technical support in accordance with regulatory requirements and company conditions.

High level of security

We care about the safety of our customers, and we provide the highest level of confidentiality and protection of your personal data and money.

Cards Management

Virtual and plastic cards

Offer to Your customers the possibility to buy online and offline, with virtual and plastic cards.

Authorization server

Issue and manage cards, process transactions, setup fees.

Card management system

Manage balances, currencies, chargeback and more within one service.

We are not the first company providing a digital bank...

But, with our passion for technology and a focus on security,
we intend to simplify use and increase reliability providing financial services.
Say «goodbye» to familiar physical branch.
Banks are becoming digital, always accessible and always with us...

Codego Proposal

Our proposal developed to minimize the challenges faced by companies starting their businesses in the financial services world.


that service business & private customers

Financial institutions

that use IBAN when interacting with customers

Retailers and suppliers, telecoms and crowdfunding companies

that would like to open a financial account for their customers

Currency exchange

and other businesses adopting wallet.

Solutions for many types of business

Some of our customers