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White Label Concept White lable

We are propose a software development and evolution services to make your business truly individual. One of the important software features in the White Label concept is that it can be customized according to the user's preference in terms of name, brand, logo, UX / UI, color schemes, etc.

Our White Label solution supports all cryptocurrency exchange and trading products that can be tailored to your business needs.

More Features, More ControlFeatures, Control


Customize your unique interface that will increase your customers engagement with the brand.


The professional charting view on our platform will make your users feel at the center of trading.


Our White Label Crypto Exchange solution allows you to deposit unlimited coins on your platform. We are compatible with all major blockchains on the market.


Our War Trading Liquidity Tool is an exclusive automated feature that guarantees profit on the currency of your choice.


Our mobile wallet app allows you to make payments in stores at any time using your wallet address or QR-code.


Our package of services comes with a pre-installed list of coins of the main blockchains, as well as the ability to create your own tokens. Our Autolist system will make it easier for your business to attract new customers.


With our WLCE, you can take liquidity from another exchange, like Binance or Coinbase Pro, or you can create liquidity using your own funds.


With our Bot Volume Trading Tool, all your trading pairs will show an active exchanges in the transactions section of your platform.

Front-End FeaturesFront - end


  • ReCaptcha and Image Captcha
  • User login
  • User Registration
  • Google 2Fa authentication
  • SMS [Sinch, Nexmo]
  • E-mail [7+ Services]
  • KYC Module [+Admin approval]
  • Account Stats
  • Login Password Reset
  • Fund password
  • Mobile Change
  • Login Logs
  • Shipping Address


  • Finance
  • User Fiat Balance
  • User Crypto Balance
  • Account Recharge using Fiat
  • Fiat currency Bank withdrawal
  • Crypto Blockchain deposit
  • Crypto Blockchain withdraw
  • Affiliate Program with Bonus
  • Affiliate Stats
  • Rewards
  • Dividend holding stats
  • My Bonus
  • Shopping Orders
  • Voting Stats


  • Current Currency Stats
  • Coin Kline Graph
  • Advance Graph
  • Order Depth Graph
  • Realtime Exchange Prices
  • Buy Coins / Sale Coins
  • Fund Password protection
  • Automatically Select Best Price
  • Fees configuration
  • Order Book Buy/Sale
  • My Pending Orders
  • Undo Pending Orders
  • Recently Processed Orders
  • Troll or Chat Box


  • ICO List
  • ICO Subscription/Buy
  • Total Supply
  • Bought vs Remaining Supply
  • Running , Ended and Upcoming ICO
  • Purchase with Fund password protection
  • ICO Complete Description
  • ICO Purchase records


  • Vote for Favourite currencies to be listed
  • Pay for Voting
  • List of currencies
  • Voting Stats
  • Favor or Against


  • List of Products
  • Category Filters
  • Stock
  • Keyword Search
  • Order by Date, Price, Sales , High or Low
  • Shipping Addresses
  • Purchase History
  • SEF Product Link
  • Buy in Different currencies

Back-End FeaturesBack - end

Fully Secure

User Management

Coin deposit

All kind of algorithm coins

Admin management

Coin withdraw

Coinspayment API’S blockchain’s

Staff permission

Trade transactions API’s blockchain’s

Login records

Trollbox management