White Label Prepaid Card

Offer your own branded card

With our Core Banking in the White Label concept, you can offer to your customers Prepaid Cards that can be quickly customized with your own brand.

Prepaid Card

Prepaid card is the way of paying for products and services just like a credit or debit card. The main difference between prepaid card and credit or debit card is that a separate personal account is not created for a Prepaid Card and is issued without customer identification.

Safe alternative form of payment

Easy to use and re-release

Less risk of overspending

Biometric Login

Biometric verification - is a new way to securely access platforms, significantly improving the reliability, speed and ease of access. Human biometric features are unique, which minimizes the number of recognition errors. Biometric data cannot be lost or forgotten, so your confidential data is reliably protected from theft or hacking.

No need to remember password

Improved security and usability

Multi-factor authentication

Face ID / Face Unlock and Fingerprint

New payment option with 0% commission

The Merchant Gateway developed by Codego, allows you to receive instant payments from a costumers using the wallets of Prepaid Card holders. For pay, it is enough to provide the buyer with the wallet address or QR-code. With our Merchant Gateway in the app, you can receive payments from your customers without any commission.