Codego - White label pos terminal merchant

white label pos terminal Create your own POS terminal system for merchant

With our White Label pos terminal you can offer to your merchant Possibility to accept payment in person with terminal pos in any network cards.


Provided Features features

With White Label pos terminal by Codego you can receive a wide range of useful functions and services, that can satisfy all the needs of your customers payments

Core Banking Platform

Front-end, Back-end, Mobile App


Prepaid / Debit and Virtual

Multi Currency

Payments in terminal in multicurrency

Onboarding Management

Full IT and Compliance support

All networks cards accepted

Administative Panel

Manage cards and fee transactions by yourself

Mobile App & Web Interface Mobile & web

With Codego’s solution you will receive fully branded Front-end and mobile Application for IOS & Android.

Debit Card Debit card

immediate access to funds with the mastercard debit card with high spending limits and ATM withdrawals

  • Card Management System
  • Branded Cards
  • Contactless Chip Cards
  • Delivery Worldwide
  • Biometric Login
  • Push Notification System

Pre-certified card readers Terminal

Save months of developer and certification time with our EMV-certified Codego's card readers. They provide end-to-end encryption, natively support chip cards and contactless payments – including Apple Pay and Google Pay – and help protect you against liability for counterfeit fraud.

  • Apple Pay/Google Pay
  • Battery or plug-in operation
  • Accepts EMV chip, contactless, and swipe payments
  • Delivery Worldwide
  • Multicurrency
  • Instant credit funds