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Codego Core Banking will allow you to have the essential core to be able to develop and offer financial services.

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Why Choose Us

We offer a simple and easy-to-use solution to manage payments and transfer money with guaranteed maximum security.

Leading technology technology

The best way to attract new customers is to provide them with the leading technology in the market.

Effective branding

Our software and customizable prepaid cards allow Your brand to stand out from Your competitors.


Core Banking solution by Codego is designed for all kind of clients. If you are a Reseller, FX company, Bank or fintech company, this is the right platform for you.


Forget the tedious KYC verification. Our team is trained in information verification technologies and follows corporate governance rules to ensure the legitimacy of Your business.

Acceptable cost

Our prices are the best in the market. It only takes evaluation of the industry to see how our offer is hard to top.

The Possibilities Possibilities

Multi-Currency Accounts

Virtual IBAN Generation

International Transfers

Instant SEPA Transfers

Currency Exchange

Card Issuing

Administrative Panel

Onboarding Management


ONBOARDING and KYC Onboarding

We use the most advanced technology to carry out KYC / KYB from mobile devices. The onboarding process takes place in a simple, fast and intuitive way for the customer.







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