With our core banking solution you will be able to offer your clients multi currency IBANs in euro (€) and pound sterling (£). The bank accounts are integrated via API to our fintech solution allowing you to make reports and have the preferences of your clients at your fingertips.

Local and international payments

Payments are at the length of one tap. Make SEPA, Swift and Faster Payment with our mobile app anytime, anywhere. No need to wait to check your balance, the transactions are reflected in your mobile app in real time.

Debit card

All the accounts can be accompanied by virtual and physical debit cards making transactions a truly portable experience. Our core banking gives you also the possibility of adding your logo and a customize design. Your brand will start growing its notoriety immediately.


To top it all up we have included an exclusive FX service for every account. This service make the transaction from one currency to the other quick and efficient. It only takes the time for you to blink and presto!

Mobile app

Having all software services developed by the same company is an advantage. We understand finances and we understand code that’s why we have created a mobile app that ensures a smooth integration that potentiates the benefits on each area to make is effortless to work with.

Core banking software

This is a software design to manage different financial services and products and integrate them in a central solution.

Our banking software has many benefits:

– Reduces your business risks

– Improves the customers experiences

– Delivers valuable services

– Simplifies financial operations

– Allows to automate processes

– Excels at security

– Predict and prevent fraud

– Gives you insights from Big Data

– Complies with regulations

– Integrates with other brand products and platforms


#Fully branded

Our software and debit cards customizable allowing your brand to stand out from your competitors. Also additional modules can be implemented to make your service unique.


Forget about all the tiring KYC verification, we will take care of it. Our compliance team is trained to follow governance regulations an ensuring your business legality.


The Codego banking solution is design for all kind of clients. If you are a reseller, a FX company, a bank or a fintech this is the platform for you.


Our prices are the best in the market. It only takes a fast evaluation of the industry and the revenue possibilities to see how our offer is hard to top.

For everybody

For resellers

If you are a reseller you are going to love our core banking. The best way to get new clients is given them the top of the notch technology in the market.

For banks

Our fintech software works very well with banks that need to connect their services with an intuitive and easy-to-use platform.

For Fintech

Whether you are a startup or a stablish fintech company our solution can help you optimize your business. Every component of our offer is thought to make your business easier to handle.

For exchange companies

Our FX service is so comfortable and fast you will be making the best of it in no time. Just log in and start exchanging like a pro.